Need Senior Services?

Environmentally friendly junk hauling and removal services.

We love our older neighbors for their wisdom, their insights, and of course, their accumulation of stuff. Just kidding. Seriously though, It’s Haul Good caters to some of the unique needs of our Chantilly, VA senior population and their families. Some of the services we offer include assistance with:

  • Downsizing
  • Aging in Place
  • Transitions and Crises
  • Relocation to a Retirement Community, Assisted Living or Nursing Home
  • Sorting of unwanted or unneeded possessions
  • Donations
  • Estates Disposition

Staying in Your House/Aging in Place

For seniors who choose to remain in their Chantilly homes, having too much clutter can create trip and fall hazards. By eliminating items no longer needed or wanted, you can take back your space and create an environment that is both safer and easier to maintain.


Donation Arrangements

Rather than having to coordinate donations of furniture, household items and clothing yourself, all it takes is a call to It’s Haul Good to get the job done. We’ll gladly pick up your items and deliver them to our Chantilly charity partners on your behalf, or a charity of your choice, and you will be prompted with the option to receive a donation receipt for a tax write-off.



Moving from a larger Chantilly, VA home to a smaller one, or relocating into an assisted living facility means paring down the number of possessions you own. It’s Haul Good makes the process easy through what can be an emotional time. Once you have distributed items to family members, simply point us toward the remaining items you want us to take away and they’re gone. As part of our eco-friendly philosophy, we sort through your items and donate and recycle where we can, rather than take items to the landfill.


Chantilly Estate Disposition

When a loved one passes away, family members are left to clean out unwanted possessions. To keep this from becoming an overwhelming process, let It’s Haul Good take some of the load. We often encounter clients who have emotional and memory attachments to items, especially upon the occasion of a loved one’s death. We want you to know we understand your feelings and we make every effort to show compassion and caring as we help you through the process of disposing of an estate.

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