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Clean Out the Whole House to Prepare for Fall

Summer is coming to and end, which means school and other activities will start back up soon, making life busy once again. When you are preoccupied during the year, you may slack a little on cleaning and let junk pile up in various parts of your home. That’s what spring cleaning is for, but why not start the year off right with a junk-free house? You’ll have less to worry about and keep up with if you declutter your house before the end of summer, especially with a professional junk removal service in Reston like It’s Haul Good to move out all your leftover junk.

Here are the steps to take when cleaning out your house:

Make a Schedule

Decluttering an entire house takes quite a bit of time. To make it easier, try making a schedule of what rooms to tackle on which days. Starting with the bigger or more important ones like the kitchen and living room will make the job less stressful, so you can enjoy a clutter free house as soon as possible.

Throw Away Definite Garbage

Much of the clutter in your home is trash that you’ve simply forgotten to throw away or recycle. The main part of this house clean-out is separating your belongings, but before you even think about going through which items to get rid of and which items to keep, you should identify the obvious trash. Whether you find empty cleaning supplies, old cereal boxes, or forgotten shopping bags, tossing items like these can make the clean-out much easier for you.

Make Rules for Yourself

Another step to take before sorting through your belongings is to set guidelines for yourself. Setting rules such as what things definitely need to go or possible exceptions that can go into storage or to the attic will make you clean out your home in a more efficient manner, because you won’t be wasting any time reminiscing or debating what to do with certain items.

Go Through and Sort Items

This is the step that will take the longest. Sorting through all of your belongings may seem tedious, but the process will go by quicker and be more organized if you assign your items to different labeled bags or bins. You can simply have a throw away and keep pile, or a toss, keep, donate, and sell pile to manage your items better.

Junk Removal in Reston, VA Can Finish the Job

Doing a whole house clean out before fall comes around will make your life a lot easier. As you get busier, you’ll have less clutter to worry about, while feeling more free and comfortable with your newly decluttered home. When you follow these steps and finish separating your belongings into piles, call It’s Haul Good to come remove your unwanted junk. It’ll make this process even easier and we will also try to donate what we can for you, which is yet another weight off your shoulders!

Contact us today to remove some of the stress from your life!

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