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How Does Illegal Dumping Affect You & the Environment?

Illegal dumping can be more profound in some areas than in others but always seems to prevail anywhere you look. Whether there are couches left behind convenience stores, refrigerators in the woods, or aerosol cans laying by the curb, every item that is improperly disposed can have a negative impact on our ecosystem, local communities, and even our health.

It’s Haul Good in Fairfax, VA wants to keep you informed on what illegal dumping is and what type of effect it has on you, your neighbors, and the environment. Our goal is to prevent any further damage to our ecosystem caused by illegal dumping by providing our professional hauling services to residents all over the Northern Virginia area.

What is illegal dumping?

The definition of illegal dumping varies from state to state but is generally defined as an unlawful deposit of any type of domestic, commercial, or industrial waste. Illegal dumping can be labeled as a misdemeanor or a felony depending on multiple factors such as the amount of waste, type of waste, and whether an individual or business committed the crime. Individuals who are convicted of illegal dumping in the state of Virginia will face penalties such as a 12-month jail sentence, up to 2,500 in fines, and ten hours of community service performing tasks like collecting litter.

How does illegal dumping damage the environment?

  • Run Off: Over time, illegal dumping can cause trash to build up and block natural waterways. This results in flash flooding with runoff contributing to property damage and possible contamination of local water sources like lakes and rivers. A perfect example is the Chesapeake Bay. With contaminated runoff pushing excess fertilizers, chemicals, and additional waste being thrusted into our waterways, it causes massive algae blooms that create low oxygen dead zones that suffocate marine life.
  • Plants and Wildlife: Illegal dumping can have adverse effects on plants, animals, and humans. These contaminated areas may carry viruses and other pathogens that can spread diseases to all life in that area. In addition to this, illegal dumping attracts vermin and insects, which can end up spreading viruses that kill off both plants and wildlife.
  • Atmosphere Deterioration: By dumping harmful chemicals, household appliances, and electronics into the environment, these compounds have the ability to destroy the ozone layer with harmful greenhouse gas emissions.

How does illegal dumping affect the community?

Excessive illegal dumping on city streets and neighborhoods can hinder the reputation of a town and its community. This would negatively affect the town’s revenue and possibly cause homeowners or businesses to leave town altogether. Once the reputation of a town has been tarnished and diminished, it is hard to regain the attractive appeal it once had.

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