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How to Properly Dispose of American Flags

As proud Americans, we put extreme respect and value on our flag. It is used proudly in many ceremonies and hung inside and outside of households, schools, and commercial sites as a sign of our freedom and liberty. It has a special and unique history that we keep close to our hearts in this country, but sometimes American flags can get tattered or damaged over time. When this happens, throwing our flag away could be seen as disrespectful and unpatriotic, so you should make sure to dispose of it properly.

There are many ways to dispose of American flags, but only few that are completely appropriate. By contacting a professional hauling company like It’s Haul Good in Northern Virginia to assist you in this process, discarding your flag will maintain its safety and respectful symbolism.

Here are some of the ways to properly dispose of American flags:

  1. Ceremonial Burning

Burning the flag may sound unpatriotic, but it isn’t with this special ceremony. It requires many steps to be taken and can also be used for state flags. The flag must be folded correctly and completely burned in a fire while being saluted. the ceremony is typically ended with a moment of silence and burial of the ashes.

  1. Respectful Burying

If you are not comfortable with burning your flag, burying it is another option. Once again, the flag must be properly folded and placed in a sturdy, usually wooden, box. It is then buried respectfully and treated as if it’s an American flag funeral.

  1. Proper Shredding

Whether you decide to burn or bury your American flag, you can shred it beforehand as another sign of respect. This procedure requires you to use scissors to cut between each of the 13 stripes, avoiding the stars. You can then either burn each of the stripes separately, followed by the stars, or bury it as explained above.

  1. Recycling

American flags can be made out of different materials and knowing which one yours is made from is important. This is because it may release harmful toxins into the air when it’s burned if you are not careful. Older flags are made from natural cloths, but newer ones are typically made of nylon, polyester, or artificial materials that can release those toxins. A professional like It’s Haul Good can help decide what to do with your flag or recycle it for you if it is not made from an older, more natural material.

We Go the Extra Mile to Ensure Proper Flag Disposal

When clearing out your extra items, It’s Haul Good won’t simply throw anything away. No matter the haul, we will inspect every item to determine how to dispose of it, whether it can be donated recycled, or has to be discarded in a special manner. We know how important the American flag is, so we make sure to determine in which respectful manner it needs to disposed, based on its material.

Don’t simply toss your old belongings. Contact us today for our professional hauling services and receive a free estimate!

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