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Where to Dispose of Your Things in Fairfax County, VA

Finding the time and resources to get rid of all your junk is hard enough, but how do you know where to dispose of your belongings? Where do you need to take that old refrigerator? What about that huge dining room table you don’t need any more? Or your outdated TV? How do you keep track of where to safely and responsibly dispose of your items?

The junk removal specialists at It’s Haul Good are here to help! Here is our guide for how to get rid of your no-longer-needed belongings in Fairfax County. For a comprehensive guide, visit the Fairfax County site, or the Fairfax City site.

Regular Trash & Recycling:

Fairfax County offers routine trash and recycling pickup once or twice weekly for single family houses and townhouses. You usually receive curbside bins, one for recycling, and one for trash. People can also hire their own private trash pickup company instead of using the County’s. Fairfax County does not offer multi-family units like apartment buildings weekly pickup, but apartment complexes usually have their own separate trash pickup service that collects trash from the complex’s dumpster.


For large appliances like fridges, clothes dryers, and stoves, you will first need to inform your trash collector that you need special item pickup. If you use Fairfax County’s services, call (703) 802-3322 or schedule pickup online. If you use a private company, contact them directly to learn about the process of special item pickup. Once you’ve scheduled your pickup, you can usually leave your items on the curb. Please remove doors from these appliances.

For small appliances such as microwaves, blenders, coffee makers, and more, donate to charity if the appliance is in good condition. If not, you can leave these appliances on the curb with your normal trash, just remember to remove the batteries first.


For any materials such as asphalt, cement, drywall, concrete, brick, etc, you will need to deliver them to either the I-66 Transfer Station or I-95 Landfill Complex in order to dispose of them properly.

Household Cleaning Products

For ammonia-based cleaners such as bathroom cleaners, drain cleaners, and window cleaners, pour any left over liquid down the drain in your home. The empty container can most likely be recycled, but if not, dispose with the rest of your trash for regular trash pickup. You can also bring these ammonia-based cleaners to a Household Hazardous Waste Site.

You should bring non-ammonia-based cleaners like polishes, aerosol cans, and floor cleaners to a Household Hazardous Waste Site.


There are quite a few heavier chemicals that need to be disposed of differently than household cleaning products. Here are a few of these special chemicals and how to get rid of them:

  • Gasoline: Deliver any left over liquid gasoline to a Household Hazardous Waste Site. Empty containers can be disposed of in your regular trash.
  • Motor Oil: Visit the I-66 Transfer Station or I-95 Landfill Complex and pour the oil into the motor oil tank provided.
  • Pesticides and herbicides: Deliver any remaining chemicals to a Household Hazardous Waste Site, or recycle empty containers.
  • Pool Chemicals: If you need to get rid of any remaining chemicals for your pool such as chlorine, deliver them to a Household Hazardous Waste Site.

For Heavy Loads, Contact It’s Haul Good!

When too much junk has piled up and you want to ensure it goes to the right place, trust us to handle the mess! The junk removal specialists at It’s Haul Good know how and where to properly dispose of these and other materials. We are dedicated to being environmentally conscious, which is why we donate or recycle as many objects and materials as we can. We will ensure your fridge, cleaning products, clothing, and whatever else are disposed of properly and responsibly.

Contact us to learn more!

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